F is for Flower


Spring is finally here! Well sorta. The first day of spring here in Edmonton brought a fresh dusting of snow. Which inspired one of my next letters in my ABC series.

F is for flower and those flowers are snowdrops. They are an early blooming flower that sometimes even bloom through snow, perfect for the current freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw weather trend we have right now.

Here are few of my WIP screen shots I took while creating F is for flower. The first step is always a messy sketch and the final product almost always ends up a bit different.IMG_0165



The next part of my processs I block in some color!


The finally details I switched around one flower and took out some extra leaves and flowers. I love how it turned out!


Let’s not forgot the letter E! I unfortunately didn’t take many progress shots while creating E is for easel. My son loves to draw and paint with me and I love sharing my passion with him so it was only natural to use an easel for the letter E. IMG_0164IMG_0162


These were super fun to create!

The next letters in the ABC series are on the go and I will update next week with my progress!



The ABC’s

HI! Welcome to my blog, art journal, sketchbook, and life as a stay at home mom!

That probably sounds a little crazy and all over the place. But thats exactly what I want to share with you all. My messy, crazy, creative journey. I’m not going to go into detail about myself on my first post ( check out the about me page ).

I’m just going to jump right in and share with you what I’m working on!

The ABC ‘s are my sons favourite, he loves to sing and repeat the letters. He frequently requests the “A” song and of course how can you say no that?!  So the ABC art project was born.


I’m planning on using this project as a learning tool for babies and toddlers. There will be a poster with all the letters. I also have an idea to create some sort of hands of learning tool with them. I haven’t quite decided on what. A few ideas are; a Flip book, laminated cards, wood blocks. Please Let me know in the comments what idea you like best!

Every week I will post more letters and share with you my sketches and art process for each one!

Can’t wait to share more!

– Francesca