F is for Flower


Spring is finally here! Well sorta. The first day of spring here in Edmonton brought a fresh dusting of snow. Which inspired one of my next letters in my ABC series.

F is for flower and those flowers are snowdrops. They are an early blooming flower that sometimes even bloom through snow, perfect for the current freeze-thaw-freeze-thaw weather trend we have right now.

Here are few of my WIP screen shots I took while creating F is for flower. The first step is always a messy sketch and the final product almost always ends up a bit different.IMG_0165



The next part of my processs I block in some color!


The finally details I switched around one flower and took out some extra leaves and flowers. I love how it turned out!


Let’s not forgot the letter E! I unfortunately didn’t take many progress shots while creating E is for easel. My son loves to draw and paint with me and I love sharing my passion with him so it was only natural to use an easel for the letter E. IMG_0164IMG_0162


These were super fun to create!

The next letters in the ABC series are on the go and I will update next week with my progress!



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