Hi! I’m Francesca Barisan.

I’m a stay at home mom, miltary wife and self taught artist. I love the outdoors and you can often find me wandering the trails with my toddler.

I create illustrations inspired by nature and animals. Most of my artwork is also inspired by my son who continues to teach me that the simplest things in life can be beautiful. I am extremely passionate about my artwork, and a piece of me goes into every piece I create. I hope you find the same love in my paintings as I do.

My artistic jouney didnt really start untill I became a stay at home mom. As a new mom running on just a few hours most days I needed to make some time for me. Art was just that. Art has helped me find balance in life.

Before really pursing my artwork I had many jobs. I worked in the fast food industry for over 7 years, worked as an inventory analyst, was a henna artist, even went to school for accounting. Never really finding the creative satisfaction I so desperately craved.

Now everyday I make sure I create something,anything. My goal is to countinue to learn and push my artistic boundaries. This is only the beginning and I hope you’ll join along for the rest!


What can I do for you?

Nursury wall decor illustrations and children’s illustrations will soon be on etsy! Shop will open up Spring 2017.

Open for Commissions. If you like my style and would like a custom digital painging created please send me an message and we can talk!